Business, Executive, and Talent Advisory Services 

Move your business to the intersection of Profitability, Sustainable Growth and Sanity.

Most business owners push for growth. Only exceptional businesses owners and leaders understand that designing a profitable and sustainable business requires much more than a focus on growth alone.  

We provide research and evidence-based tools to develop your organization with a focus on your people. Your team can create an exceptional experience for your clients and customers. Arriving and living at the intersection of profitability, sanity, and stability with business growth depends upon your customers/clients having an exceptional experience, repeatedly.

  1. Business Advisor
    Business Advisor
    We work directly with senior level executives and owners to create clear vision and executable strategies that can adapt quickly to market shifts and opportunities.
  2. Talent Advisor
    We provide manalytics for recruiting, onboarding, team building, development, retention, leadership and organizational change-transformation.
  3. Team Performance
    Team Performance
    Best in class professional development including a robust Learning Management System with retention and sustainability mechanisms built in are available. Support the evolution of your org by providing your team with extraordinary opportunities.
  4. Organizational Design
    Leaders who dominate their market know the value of planning and process cycles. We take a continous improvment approach that focuses on sustainable profitability to assist in developing strong businesses that lift and inspire their communities.
?Why the Focus on People

We build great organizations where people are empowered to reach their full potential. This focus on the most critical assest in any business ignites an organization's ability to excel.

“I firmly believe that creating better, healthier, more productive communication in places of work will translate to better communication in families and communities. Imagine a place where dialogue that does not attack, demean or dismiss enables us as fellow humans to accomplish great things together.

Imagine leadership that empowers individuals and teams to thrive and grow. The skills we need to create these places and leaders can be learned.

Imagine a society that can discuss vastly different opinions without villainizing the other opinion holder.  The scary truth is that this goal of greater communication is possible. Who will come alongside me to make the difference so desperately needed?”  

M. Wade, 2019 

Navigational Conversations
Certified Trainer for Better Management Results

Behavioral Science for Better Decision Making TTISI, Inc. VAA

Discover the difference the right advisor can create with intentional leadership...

Leverage a coaching approach that transforms manager and team relationships by teaching team leads to coach for peak performance rather than enforce top-down standards. Enable workforce conversations that deliver higher more valuable results by aligning varying individual agenda for one organizational purpose.

Empower senior leadership and teams to drive for peak performance and satisfaction.  

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Good people are easy to find...with the right tools.

Aligning individual goals with overall coporate vision can be accomplished and produces incredible results.
Advisor Mia Wade has delivered profound results with executive leadership and operational teams. Results are obtained utilizing human analytics, proven dialogue and communications research, principles, and techniques. She has extensive experience across disciplines, industries and market segments. Leverage over 3000 hours speaking, training and advising leadership and team performance to support your mission.

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